Travel Insurance

So that your trip doesn’t become a real odyssey…

Whether for business or pleasure, alone or with your family.

Travel insurance can be the difference between…

“nothing happens” to

“now what can I do!!!”

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Wherever you go,

if you need insurance,

call us,

we’ll help you.

In the face of great evil…

a good insurance

medical assistance

If you fall ill during the trip, the best doctors will be at your disposal.

civil liability

Make sure your liability during the trip is covered.

lost luggage

If you do not receive your luggage when you arrive at your destination, the assistance service will do everything possible to locate it and send it to you as soon as possible.


Get compensation if transport delays frustrate your plans

translation services

If you need to go to hospital, make sure that the  local staff understands you.


If circumstances force you to cancel your trip, get compensation.

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