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    Have you ever wondered how your family would be if something happened to you?

    Car Insurance for Citizens of Europe, United Kingdom

    Discounts up to 60%

    Special Guarantees:

    • New value during the 3 years in the guarantees of Total Loss, Own Damage, Theft and Fire
    • Km 0 assistance
    • Sustitution vehicle
    • Damage to Tires in Full Risk Guarantee
    • Accessories up to € 1,500

    Have you ever wondered how your family would be if something happened to you?

    Home Insurance for Citizens of Europe, United Kingdom

    Discounts up to 40%

    Special Guarantees:

    • Inclusion of terrace furniture, garden reconstruction
    • Extended Aesthetic Damage
    • Heist outside the home up to 1,800 €
    • Cash amount 600 €
    • Inside safe up to € 1800

    We take care of your family and company. We have the best offers and coverages.

    Do not take risks, we have all kinds of insurance with the best prices. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will inform you without obligation.


    Choosing an insurance broker means that you have a professional on your side when choosing the best insurance policy for you and your family. Brokers offer professional and impartial advice, ethical conduct and full disclosure of all the information you need to make an informed decision. They also have experience and are experts in dealing with the claims process of many different insurance companies, which gives them a unique perspective. They will be in contact with you at each stage to provide personalized advice and excellent service. Brokers will help protect your privacy and will advocate with insurance companies on your behalf. They are committed to lifelong learning, which ensures that they stay informed about the latest changes and adjustments to policies, insurance and their legislation to offer them the best options available when you buy your next home, car or life insurance policy.

    The insurance broker works for you, not for the insurance company. By not being linked to a specific company, you can search a wide range of companies and collect all their offers to find the best one for you. Our mission is to find an insurance made to your measure so we will analyze the best coverage according to your situation.

    While a direct insurance agent is required to represent a specific company and, therefore, is more limited in the amount of products it can offer, the insurance broker enjoys a broader portfolio of options so it offers a much more comprehensive and completely customized support.

    We are professionals with great experience, for example dealing with clients who deal with losses and to whom we can guide through the process of often confusing and stressful claims, which in short means means that we make simple what can seem to you all a Odyssey.

    We are subject to a special administrative Registry of Insurance Mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds - DGSFP, which guarantees the security, privacy and confidentiality of the information of all our clients, among other things.

    Brokers provide complete information on rates and their effect on your insurance premiums. Our compensation is included in your premium payments and we will also provide you with an account statement at the point of sale that tells you how much of your premium goes to the broker's commission. This allows you to make an informed decision when buying insurance.



    We protect your home against unforeseen events, breakages, thefts ... etc

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